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Song Joongki's interview on his married life a month ago & more comments giowacore kpop

His interview a month ago at the press conference of Arthdal Chronicles
"[From my marriage], my mind became very comfortable. I think that's the biggest difference. I think all married people feel the same way. My wife is also a fan of the two writers and the director. She cheered me up for this drama."


Pann: Song Joongki's interview

1. [+243, -3] He looks soulless as he's saying that. He must've decided to file a divorce already.

2. [+196, -6] They've been living separately for 8 months, though? Even without the news of their separation, we see that they haven't been wearing their wedding rings and Song Hye Kyo had requested her agency for more Chinese promotions and overseas promotions... I'm sure he said that at the press conference for the sake of formality.

3. [+145, -2] Arthdal Chronicles isn't just some typical drama. It's a huge work that costed 5.5B won. Do you expect him to say "my marriage life is sh*t and I will divorce soon" at the press conference? It's shocking enough that he filed a divorce while the drama is airing. Usually, a lead actor will never file a divorce when his drama is airing.

4. [+135, -230] Song Hye Kyo did something wrong for sure.

5. [+85, -1] In the last picture, it looks like his soul is escaping his body ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+80, -7] There must've been a date where both agreed to file a divorce. But something must've set him off because all of a sudden, he hired a lawyer and released the news first. And Song Joongki said he's position is confident, why are people blaming him for the divorce?

Article: Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo's divorce, 3 questions... #SettledDivorce #ToTheMediaFirst #Timing

Source: SpoTV via Naver

1. [+4954, -150] I'm more curious about Yang Hyun Suk's case. Can the journalists report on that, instead?

2. [+4455, -310] I can hear Song Joongki's silent rage.

3. [+4187, -319] Song Joongki is the one who filed for the divorce. If you're the partner that cheated, you can't file for a divorce. Therefore, Song Joongki isn't the cheater. He released the news while his drama is ongoing, he's that pissed off. I can feel his rage. There's only one thing that can upset a partner like this - betrayal.

4. [+1690, -109] Not interested. What about Yang CEO?

5. [+1142, -137] I think Song Joongki must've asked the drama staff before announcing his divorce. Now that they're breaking up, I hope both work hard on their own ways and promote hard.

6. [+945, -92] I think Song Joongki threw the first punch because she's a snake for him to handle. But seeing how her side is now attacking Song Joongki's family, she's definitely not an easy target. Do well, Song Joongki!!

7. [+801, -38] Song Joongki doesn't have any feelings left for Song Hye Kyo anymore. He seems truly pissed. Seeing how he released the news to the media without letting Song Hye Kyo know, he must be extremely upset. Fighting over having kids isn't an enough answer. Song Joongki alone seems very upset, so it must be Song Hye Kyo's fault. If her agency denies it, Song Joongki will reveal the evidence he has. I wished both would live happily...

8. [+782, -28] Seeing how Song Hye Kyo's agency is media-playing with the articles on Song Joongki's father, it's going to become a dirty fight.


Article: "Song Hye Kyo, possibility of being a cheating partner" vs. "can sue Song Joongki counterpart"

Source: My Daily via Nate

1. [+2382, -373] If Song Hye Kyo isn't the cheating partner, she would've already denied the articles of accusing her. Her media-play has always been over the top, as if she would stay silent to that... How was she cheating, though? I don't think Song Joongki will reveal it until the end. Song Joongki liked and followed Song Hye Kyo like a dog going on a walk ㅠㅠ He said a lot of cringey stuff, too. But now they're turning into enemies. Ugh, I can never figure out marriage.

2. [+2224, -158] They married because they really liked each other but in reality, they weren't Yoo Shijin and Kang Moyeon. It would've been nice if they lived well, what a pity.

3. [+1738, -289] I think the blind item of Park Bogum isn't true. But a lot of times, celebrities take legal actions against rumors but the rumors turn out to be true.

4. [+324, -11] Song Joongki looks like a flexible guy but I've seen a lot of guys like him who are actually cold and unforgiving on the inside. Ma Dong Seok looks like a gang member but he's submissive to women ㅋㅋ

5. [+259, -137] Marriage isn't a joke done by kids. You should live together for at least 2 years, fight, break the furniture, make up, and learn to know each other like that. Both are immature for divorcing right away. Her Christian Dior dress at the wedding is a waste, tsk tsk. They think the vows and everything else are just for joking around?

6. [+220, -8] If she provokes Song Joongki once more, he might reveal something else. So her side is just talking about personality difference, feeling depressed, and losing weight ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+210, -3] What's weird is why did Song Hye Kyo continue to live at her place with her mom after getting married? Song Joongki bought a house for their newlywed life and must've dreamed of starting a family as two. Why did Song Hye Kyo keep living at her place? If Song Joongki moved into hers because he had no choice, their marriage was a red flag from the start. Is she stubborn or selfish?

8. [+187, -0] They found nothing was exciting after getting married.


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