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Celebrities who don't use SNS giowacore kpop

Gong Yoo If I share my personal life on SNS, I will gain something but also lose something. I try not to reveal my private life. Yoo Jae Suk If I start SNS, I might spend the whole day on it without doing anything. So I won't start at all. Song Joongki I'm not good at technology. I don't use SNS because I don't know how. Park Bo Young I'm actually not a thoughtful person, that's why I don't use SNS. I don't trust myself. I'm quite emotional and short-tempered, so I stay off of it. Instead, I write a diary. Kang Dong Won I don't have any store to share. I don't like talking to strangers. Everybody has a different personality. I don't understand how SNS is a form of communication. Park Hae Jin I could promote and communicate on SNS but I believe that it'll do more harm than good. A lot of scandals happen on SNS. That's why I stay off of it. Kim Hee Won I don't like getting my private life exposed. Also, I don't have stories

Netizens mourn Sulli's death on Pann giowacore kpop

Pann : Sulli-ya, thank you for the 26 years. Love you. 1. [+405, -6] The world was too dirty for you, right? Rest In Peace. Goodbye my role model Sulli. 2. [+214, -6] I was a fan since Pinocchio... Ever since I read the articles, I can only cry and not think of anything else. I'm so sorry... I hope she rests in a place with no public, journalists, and comments that bullied her. I hope she never steps into the entertainment industry in her next life... I hope she gets to enjoy her life to the fullest. 3. [+136, -4] Please tell me this is false news. Related searches of 'Sulli': Sulli deleted photo, Sulli exposure, Sulli live, Sulli Instagram, Sulli Choiza, Seolhyun, Choiza, Sulli live exposure, f(x) - Pann : How the public views Sulli 1. [+706, -45] What do you mean it's women who hated her? These shameless a$$holes, why don't you go back and read the sexual harassments you wrote on her articles? Look at the related search terms. It's your cheap comments that kil

OP complains about getting X1 album for donating blood giowacore kpop

"I came to donate blood and I got an album of a boy group called X1 or something. The nurse must've felt ridiculous to be giving a boy group's album to a guy... Can you f*cking fangirls not dump your garbage here? If you don't have a pot stand, make sure to donate blood and get one." OP: They will give you one no matter what User: You can't say no? OP: She shovelled it into my hands without asking - Pann : Idol goods that you get for donating blood 1. [+150, -1] The fans must've donated their albums after bulk-buying them~ You won't like it unless you're a fan. 2. [+120, -3] The fansite masters buy a bunch of albums and then donate the rest as a way to promote. 3. [+77, -0] Hul, they give out albums. 4. [+60, -2] Are the fans clearing out their stocks? I'd want one. 5. [+55, -5] There was a worker who asked fans to stop donating idol albums and it became controversial. Organizations like that can't reject donations. Idol fans buy a bunch of

Domestic & international hit songs of boy groups giowacore kpop

HOT Domestic hits: Candy (1996) International hits: - god Domestic hits: To Mother (1999), Lie (2000) International hits: - TVXQ Domestic hits: Hug (2004), Rising Sun (2005), Jung Ban Hap (2006), Balloon (2006), Mirotic (2008) International hits: Rising Sun (2005), Mirotic (2008), One Piece opening song - Share The World (Japan 2009) SS501 Domestic hits: UR Man (2008), Boys Over Flowers OST - Because I'm Stupid (2009) International hits: UR Man (2008), Boys Over Flowers OST - Because I'm Stupid (2009) Super Junior Domestic hits: - International hits: Sorry Sorry (2009), Bonamana (2010), Mr. Simple (2011) Bigbang Domestic hits: Lies (2007), Haru Haru (2008), Sunset Glow (2008) International hits: Fantastic Baby (2012), Bang Bang Bang (2015) EXO Domestic hits: Growl (2013) International hits: Growl (2013), Wolf (2013), Call Me Baby (2015) BTS Domestic hits: - International hits: Blood Sweat Tears - Pann : Domestic hits & international hits of boy groups 1. [+62, -2] I want to

Top 8 celebrities whom you thought were Koreans but are not giowacore kpop

Pann : Top 8 celebrities whom you thought were Koreans but are not 1) Ma Dong Seok (38.7%) 2) Choi Woo Shik (11.5%) 3) Mad Clown (11.3%) 4) Mark (8.5%) 5) Lee Da Hae (5.7%) 6) Han Chae Young (3.5%) 7) Jung Rye Won (3.3%) 8) Ahn Hyo Sub (2.8%) - 1. [+99, -2] Monk Hye Min shocked me the most. 2. [+51, -0] I'm shocked with everyone on the list. 3. [+37, -1] Ha Heera is Chinese. Cha In Pyo was American but he renounced his US citizenship to enlist in the military. 4. [+25, -0] I'm shocked by Mad Clown the most ㅋㅋ 5. [+22, -0] Mark's parents are Korean but he was born in Canada so his nationality is Canadian. 6. [+15, -0] Mark looks very Korean. When he was on High School Rapper, people asked him why he was there with a stage name. 7. [+13, -1] Ma Dong Seok - American. Choi Woo Shik - Canadian. Mark - Canadian. Mad Clown - Canadian. Lee Da Hae - Australian. Han Chae Young - American. Jung Rye Won - Australian. Ahn Hyo Sub - Canadian. 8. [+12, -0] How are you supposed to tell the

Wikitree updates on Taeyong's homophobic comment & body shaming giowacore kpop

Summary of the Wikitree article: 1) Taeyong's homophobic comment on graduation album was indeed written by him. However, the student said, "I was a close friend of Taeyong's . The comment didn't offend me at all." 2) As soon as Taeyong finished his US promotions, he came to Korea and met up with a victim of body shaming. The victim started crying and it took an hour for them to start talking. Taeyong first began by apologizing to the victim. They talked for 2 hours and the victim forgave him eventually. - Pann : NCT Taeyong apologized 1. [+228, -60] So the person who publicized the homophobic comment wasn't the actual student ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought it was the student who publicized it. It turns out that the student is actually a close friend and it was a third person who made it a big deal ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+214, -63] A lot of non-fans will misunderstand when reading this article. It makes it seem like Lee Taeyong is the one who started all the bullying. Since this article i

Female idols with hime cut giowacore kpop

Red Velvet Irene GFriend Yuju Dia Somyi Twice Momo Sulli Hyeri - Pann : Female idols with hime cut 1. [+144, -7] I don't like that hairstyle... It doesn't look like a princess, it just looks weird. People like it because the name is "hime cut". If it was called "beast cut", no one would do it. 2. [+122, -3] No Bomi? 3. [+74, -87] Hime is Japanese... Let's call it "princess cut" ㅋㅋ 4. [+59, -0] No Bomi? Her hime cut was legendary. 5. [+50, -9] Dia Somyi ㅋㅋㅋ I can't believe someone who looks like her is a celebrity. 6. [+44, -1] Somyi... Her hairstyle doesn't suit her face at all. 7. [+37, -10] The Dia kid has such rough visuals. 8. [+33, -0] Bomi looked cute with hime cut.

NCT Taeyong insulted a gay student in graduation album? giowacore kpop

"I had fun times with everyone and everyone had a good personality. I believe you'll all succeed but (student's name) won't because he's gay. I guarantee it." - Lee Tae Yong - Pann : NCT Taeyong insults homosexuals 1. [+220, -13] "Everybody will succeed but you never will because you're gay"? Is he crazy? Super M is to advance into the US so I'm sure the US is sensitive about things like this. His character... 2. [+183, -5] The victim of body shaming by Taeyong is also trying to get an apology but SM is ignoring her. 3. [+163, -8] He sexually harassed 2NE1, too. Someone said they liked 2NE1's video and Taeyong replied and said they must like porn. 4. [+95, -1] He wrote this on a graduation album where everybody can see. The person who publicized this is a sexual minority. Even if the student wasn't actually gay, Taeyong is still punishable for defamation of character. Taeyong is a criminal. 5. [+90, -0] "You'll never succeed

Kim Sejeong's muscles giowacore kpop

Pann : Look at Kim Sejeong's amazing muscles 1. [+170, -1] She looks like she'd attend a party as a spy, get changed when the night comes, and save the world. 2. [+90, -2] Unnie I love you. 3. [+56, -1] Really amazing. 4. [+37, -0] So cool ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She must work out hard. 5. [+27, -0] Her back muscles in a dress look great. 6. [+24, -0] Her hobby is climbing. That's why she's muscular like that. 7. [+14, -0] She has such a baby face, wow... Unexpected charm. 8. [+10, -0] What is Sejeong up to these days ㅠㅠ I want to see her more. 9. [+10, -0] She's one of the biggest wastes in the industry. 10. [+10, -2] Damn ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cool

What are some Korean things that are popular overseas? giowacore kpop

Pann : What are some Korean things that are popular overseas? 1. [+90, -0] Samsung 2. [+72, -1] This ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They call it ldH ㅋㅋ 3. [+55, -3] Food delivery service, safety, and buldak bokkeummyun? Also that we're a divided country. 4. [+49, -0] Neoguri ramen. They flip it and read it as RtA ㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+30, -0] Mukbang 6. [+24, -0] Sonny! I'm talking about Son Heung Min. 7. [+23, -0] Mukbang. Mukbang started in Korea so the foreign Youtubers who do mukbang write 'mukbang' in their titles. 8. [+22, -0] Instant coffee. Korea was the first to develop it and ours also tastes the best. A lot of tourists in Korea buy it as gifts for their friends. 9. [+21, -4] Seriously, people think Samsung is Japanese... 10. [+19, -1] Homi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 11. [+19, -0] Music shows are so popular. Masked Singer is sold a lot. 12. [+18, -0] Buldak. Foreign Youtubers' must item to test Korean love. 13. [+16, -4] Oreo O's - [+10, -0] This is originally American. It stopped being sold in the US and Dongs