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Sajaegi scandal on Pann: Boramiyu, Cube CEO, EXO, Ben, etc giowacore kpop

Melon chart
1) Boramiyu
2) Taeyeon
3) Noeul
4) Vibe


Pann: A rookie artist who beat Taeyeon

1. [+516, -4] Seriously, "Who Are You?"

2. [+334, -14] Ugh... So annoying how she's targeting Taeyeon.

3. [+305, -3] Machine?

4. [+201, -0] It's not just Taeyeon's new song, she's beating Taeyeon and Frozen ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+166, -0] Why the hell would people listen to Boramiyu instead of Frozen+Taeyeon in this season ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+99, -3] When I listened to Boramiyu's I Wanna Hate You, she wasn't famous and I wished she'd become popular in the future. I'm not happy to see that she's ending up doing sajaegi.

"Digital sajaegi must be rooted out. Cheering for you. Find strength."


Pann: Cube CEO is also supporting Park Kyung

1. [+262, -1] At this rate, isn't it obvious that everybody is saying those artists did sajaegi? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It must be true since everybody is targeting them.

2. [+223, -7] As someone who stanned B2ST and 4Minute, Cube can never do sajaegi because they're a listed company. I can never forget the fans of big 3 who would always do sajaegi and bash the both groups when they won #1. Cube fans never asked to be included in the big 3, it was other people doing it to bring hate ㅋㅋ There's no solution when you're associated with big 3.

3. [+74, -100] Cube?

4. [+71, -0] Cube might not do their job properly but they don't mess around with music.

5. [+63, -0] If Cube did sajaegi, Pentagon and CLC would be charting in by now.

6. [+61, -0] There's a reason why insiders are claiming the same thing except those artists.

Pann: Number of first listeners for EXO

1. [+279, -3] How can Ben have 60K listeners when EXO has 56K ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+250, -25] Why are people calling it flop? They've been around for 8 years, a top group for 7 years, and it has 3 members missing. Isn't it a success, then?

3. [+199, -15] You guys must be thinking EXO hasn't been around for long but it's their 8th year ㅋㅋ It doesn't include 3 members and they had a lot of controversies, isn't it successful enough?

Ravi: "I thought my friends were idols but they were Lee Sedol"

(tn: He means that EXO is beating other machine-streamed songs)


Pann: VIXX Ravi targets sajaegi on Instagram

1. [+29, -0] So refreshing

2. [+14, -0] So straight-forward ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+6, -0] I'm an EXO-L, thank you Ravi-nim.


Pann: Teaching machines a good lesson

(Pann talks about how the public is also streaming idol songs to take down sajaegi songs.)

1. [+130, -1] It's so funny how non-fans and idol fans used to fight all the time but are now uniting because of sajaegi. We're Koreans to the bone... We can't stand injustice.

2. [+80, -6] I'm a non-fan but I want to stream EXO to bomb the machines.

3. [+18, -1] I'm an Army and I'm also streaming Obsession ㅋㅋ Kill the sajaegis.

4. [+17, -0] I really hate EXO (sorry to the fans but I've seen so many bad fans), I don't like IU, and I haven't even watched Frozen but I'm participating to take down the sajaegis. I hope it all charts within top 10!

Paul Kim's concert (sold out)

Ben's concert (594 seats & 492 seats available)


Pann: Did you see the difference between Paul Kim and Ben's concerts

1. [+75, -0] Are machines going to be sitting on the empty seats?

2. [+37, -0] Wow, I want to go to Paul Kim's concert

3. [+33, -0] Hul

4. [+17, -0] At this rate, Ben could hold her concert in a big van.


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