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Many of 2nd generation idols discharged from military this year giowacore kpop

Discharged this year: BTOB - Eunkwang, Changsub, Minhyuk Infinite - Sungyeol, Dongwoo Highlight - Doojoon, Dongwoon SHINee - Onew, Key, and Minho EXO - Xiumin 2PM, Bigbang, CNBLUE - Article : BTOB -> SHINee -> EXO rush of discharge, oppars are coming back Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate 1. [+145, -20] Congrats on your discharge Eunkwang <3 2. [+130, -13] Excited for Doojoon ㅠㅠㅠ 3. [+95, -4] Let's take out CNBLUE. 4. [+23, -4] I hope to see Doojoon in dramas and variety shows. He seems all-rounded ㅋㅋ 5. [+18, -11] So who's the idol who was on the news for special treatment, using his phone, smoking, and speaking rudely to his seniors? Seems like everybody knows who it is but his agency is deleting the articles. 6. [+17, -4] Doojoon-ssi, my kid was waiting for you. Please promote a lot ^^ 7. [+16, -2] I miss you SHINee. 8. [+15, -7] March 26, happy birthday Xiumin~

SF9 Rowoon becomes Gongcha model giowacore kpop

Pann : Gongcha reveals its new model (Rowoon will be the model for 6 months from April 14) 1. [+183, -5] Lee Seunggi and then Rowoon. I can see what type of model Gongcha is going for ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+116, -2] I can see Gongcha's type. It's totally my type, too. 3. [+61, -2] Oh, he suits it. 4. [+37, -1] Oh my, Rowoon-ah, you did it. SF9 will get popular, we're finally a 3rd tier now. Rowoon-ah, we made it. You're the light, my Sukwoo~ You finally did it ㅠㅠ What is this, model for Chic Choc and Gongcha? Aigo Rowoon-ah, you did it. 5. [+26, -1] This is your Gongcha model Kim Sukwoo! 6. [+24, -1] So happy to see that SF9 is starting to get recognized. 7. [+19, -0] Lee Jong Suk, Park Seo Joon, Lee Seunggi, Rowoon... Gongcha must like tall, fresh-looking guys. 8. [+17, -1] My Sukwoo... He looks like black milk tea but the way he act is Oreo smoothy milk foam, so much aegyo.

[Love of 7.7 Billion] Discusses COVID19 with Abnormal Summit guests giowacore kpop

Article : 'Love of 7.7 Billion' Tyler, "In the US, the cost of testing COVID19 is up to $4,000" Source: The Celeb via Nate 1. [+977, -18] Our country's strength is our healthcare system. What's with the brainless politicians, hospital owners, and big corporations demanding to privatize medical system like the US? There's no politician who cares about the citizens... 2. [+846, -19] If we privatized the medical system, we would've ended up like that. 3. [+600, -19] The US wants to copy us and we want to copy the US. 4. [+67, -10] I remember Lee Myung Bak trying to privatize the medical system. 5. [+37, -0] Then foreigners must be trying to enter Korea... We should stop them. Article : 'Love of 7.7 Billion' Tyler, "Racism towards Asians due to COVID19, a mistake of the media" Source: Xports News via Nate 1. [+455, -8] Tyler is such a good speaker! 2. [+454, -4] Did you guys see the Chinese representative telling Tyler to be careful? Does

Did you develop a new hobby/habit from home quarantine? giowacore kpop

Pann : Did you start something new at home because of Corona? 1. [+258, -166] Upvote if you gained weight. Downvote if you lost weight or remained the same. 2. [+113, -0] Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 3. [+104, -1] I've never cooked this much in my life, f*ck. 4. [+63, -0] It's so sad how us Koreans don't know what to do at home because we've never had this much of free time. 5. [+42, -0] I've been practicing to stand on my hands. My goal is to be able to walk on hands. 6. [+34, -0] I just sleep. 7. [+20, -0] Cooking... I've made dalgona coffee, soufflé, and ice cream. I even bought a cream whipper for it ㅋㅋㅋ 8. [+18, -0] I got a herniated disk... 9. [+17, -2] My average hours of studying exceeded 5 hours for the first time. Yesterday I studied for 6 hours and 48 minutes. 10. [+15, -0] Watching movies! I've always liked watching movies but I was too busy. But nowadays, I'm only staying home and I have a favorite actor so I only watch movies now! 11. [+11, -0] I be

Korea might consider to start school in September due to COVID19 giowacore kpop

Korea, Japan, and Australia are the only OECD countries that start a new school year in March. Korea's system is from the Japanese imperialism. - Source : Kim Gi Sik, "If starting school keeps getting delayed, we should consider implementing new school year in September" Source: KBS via Naver 1. [+275, -9] It's time for our country's education system to get away from the Japanese imperialism. I think starting school in September is a good idea. 2. [+105, -4] Sounds like a good idea. It's not right to start school before the vaccine is there. I agree with starting school in September. 3. [+98, -0] Rather than deciding whether to begin school in May or not, they should make the decision as soon as possible so that parents, students, education board, and the government can have enough time to prepare for it. 4. [+59, -1] I agree with starting school in September. 5. [+43, -1] September sounds like a good idea! If opening school gets delayed once again, it might a