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Blind item of a girl group member who had to take her boyfriend with her giowacore kpop

Article : Girl group fool F, staying up all night by making love with her boyfriend she likes so much... Source: Newsen via Naver These days, a girl group member F is staying up all night by making love. After many attempts, she succeeded in taking her boyfriend to an international event in the beginning of the year. But on the day of departure, her dumb boyfriend forgot to bring his passport. F kept insisting that she was getting on the plane only if she was going with her boyfriend, causing trouble to her agency. They had to change her flight 13 times, which costed 10 times more than the original cost of $500. Besides, she was late and missed the rehearsal. While the other members were rehearsing, F posted a bunch of exotic pictures on her social media and acted like a 'fool', upsetting the hosts of the event. Because of F, her group was deemed to have 'violated the terms' and did not get full payment of the event. - Pann : Blind item of a female idol and her boyfrien

EXO's composer vents frustration over requests to make EXO-like songs giowacore kpop

Some songs written by the composer MZMC: - Pann : EXO's composer targets other companies 1. [+486, -53] It's true that there's been more universe concepts and storytelling since EXO ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Other companies are really defensive against EXO, avoiding to overlap comebacks with EXO and all. 2. [+410, -30] A lot of groups debuted to compete against EXO... A company's CEO even said he was debuting his group to face EXO in his interview. 3. [+374, -19] I also saw him mentioning this on live. Since Tempo, other companies asked him to compose a song like Tempo. 4. [+195, -5] What's the project that was planned since 2006? EXO! Who's the singer that paid a huge amount of money to NASA and got a photo for their fandom site? EXO! Who's the group that makes you obsessed with the space because they have comebacks on eclipse days? EXO! Who's the idol that the space is helping? EXO! 5. [+166, -1] If he's saying bluntly like that, it means so many companies must've