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AOA's job sexualization? giowacore kpop

Flight attendant Auto mechanic Police Lifeguard Lacrosse player - Pann : AOA's job sexualization? 1. [+335, -17] AOA was originally a band concept. The company stripped them and switched to a sexy concept because they didn't become popular. As a result, they gained so many male fans. AOA's fandom was 50% male ㅋㅋ So they couldn't change the concept. Their Queendom stage was the concept that AOA wanted to do. 2. [+254, -17] Do you think the members wanted to do that? They wore the outfits given by the company and shot the MV. Also, there were many girl groups with a similar concept at that time. 3. [+188, -12] You didn't know that this was how they became popular? Their concept was fulfilling men's fantasies ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 4. [+126, -5] This was why their Queendom stage was more meaningful... 5. [+65, -3] Huh? AOA has always done this. It's nothing new. There's more like this but you didn't list all. 6. [+45, -10] The company made them wear it, I'm sure the

Whereabouts of Mina, Choa, and Yookyung since leaving AOA giowacore kpop

Mina - Didn't renew her contract with FNC and left AOA in 2019. She joined O&Ent and is planned to promote as an actress. Choa - Left AOA in 2017. Whereabouts unknown except her Instagram updates thanking her fans for birthday ads once a year. Yookyung - Left AOA in 2016. Worked as an instructor at a drum academy. Got her master's as a drum major. Uploads drum covers on Youtube. Joined an indie member 'P.AZIT' as a drummer. - Pann : Recent whereabouts of the members who left AOA 1. [+178, -6] People criticize Choa too easily. It's true that she affected AOA in a negative way but it's not like she's promoting actively after leaving the group. Over the last 2 years she's been doing nothing. I think it was very tough for her to be in front of the public at that time. Instead of forcing yourself to continue promoting and then getting into a scandal, it's better to leave the group if you can't handle it. 2. [+174, -3] What is Choa really up to? 3.