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Yoo Jae Suk & Kim Taeho PD's 'How Do You Play' met with criticisms giowacore kpop

Article : Kim Taeho PD 'How Do You Play', is this the downfall of the reputation of 'Infinity Challenge'? Source: Sports World via Nate 1. [+2968, -211] The casts were the only ones having fun ㅋㅋ It's just too many people and messy. 2. [+2680, -208] It's below the expectations for sure. 3. [+2380, -270] It's really boring... Only the fans of Infinity Challenge will deny it ㅋㅋ 4. [+231, -24] There were more than 10 people from Yoo Jae Suk's line. Same faces, repetitive gags... Yoo Jae Suk making fun of his dongsaengs is an old gag now. 5. [+221, -29] Unlike Na Young Suk, Kim Taeho doesn't seem to catch up with the trends. 6. [+212, -15] They're trying everything but since Yoo Jae Suk is the main, there's nothing new to it. And the guests are those that Yoo Jae Suk like, so there's nothing refreshing, either. The fun part aside, I don't understand why they cancelled Infinity Challenge for this... Most of the cast were guests on Infinity

Seventeen's episode on 'Knowing Brothers' gets the lowest ratings this year giowacore kpop

Seventeen's episode got 3% ratings, which is the first time in a year - Pann : Ratings of yesterday's Knowing Brothers which was said to be legendarily boring 1. [+320, -6] It's random but is Yoo Jae Suk ever going to guest on Knowing Brothers? The ratings are gonna be no joke. 2. [+295, -11] The program members aren't as hyper when they don't know the guests well. People might know Seventeen as a group but not the individual members. 3. [+237, -52] I'm sure a lot of people didn't watch it because Seventeen is the guest. 4. [+186, -7] It's not just the boring part that made the ratings hit low. A lot of people skipped the episode because it's a boy group. Besides, it's the boy group with the biggest number of members so far on the show. Do you think people would look forward to that? Those who have never seen Seventeen must've found it too chaotic. Yesterday's episode wasn't enough to pull out each member's charm, either. 5. [+155

TVN dramas that had surpassed 10% ratings giowacore kpop

9) Oh Hae Young Again (10.0%) 8) Encounter (10.3%) 7) Reply 1994 (10.4%) 6) Prison Playbook (11.2%) 5) Signal (12.5%) 4) 100 Days My Prince (14.4%) 3) Mr. Sunshine (18.1%) 2) Reply 1988 (18.8%) 1) Goblin (20.5%) - Pann : TVN dramas that had surpassed 10% ratings 1. [+218, -22] Encounter was bad, though. 2. [+119, -12] 100 Days My Prince was daebak... 3. [+112, -3] Wow, Goblin surpassed 20%... 4. [+44, -3] Every scene of Mr. Sunshine was like a movie... The video art was amazing. 5. [+42, -3] Mr. Sunshine is the best drama in my life. I can never finish a drama but I finished Mr. Sunshine and re-watched all episodes 5 times. I bought all the goods and am still not over it ㅠㅠ 6. [+38, -0] I wished 100 Days My Prince would just surpass 5% but it did on the first episode and even reached 14% afterwards ㅋㅋ The production fees weren't big, either. 7. [+34, -2] Oh Hae Young Again was sensational. At that time, Seo Hyun Jin wasn't that popular and TVN dramas didn't have the reputat

Post-drama depression? giowacore kpop

Pann : Am I the only one who feels depressed when a drama comes to an end? 1. [+214, -66] Moon Lovers is the best drama to binge-watch ㅠㅠ The emotions, story, and everything's just perfect ㅠㅠ 2. [+127, -2] Have you watched the Light in Your Eyes? 3. [+89, -1] Same ㅠㅠ It feels like an important part of my life is disappearing and I feel like I'm going through a breakup... I feel depressed and sad. 4. [+47, -0] Isn't it the same for a novel and a movie? It feels like everything's disappearing as soon as I close the book. 5. [+43, -0] I agree about feeling depressed... I feel depressed for no reason and sad that there's nothing to watch anymore. 6. [+30, -0] Agreed. Even if it's a happy ending, the fact that it's over is sad... 7. [+30, -0] I feel very absorbed whenever I watch a movie or a drama. When it's over, I feel so empty and sad. I just sit there with a blank mind... I find it hard to start watching something new because it hits me really hard. 8. [

Characteristics of a poor family in Korean dramas giowacore kpop

- Big family with grandparents - Lives in a house with a backyard in Seoul - Self-employed - Every family member has the newest cellphone - Pann : Characteristics of a poor family in Korean dramas 1. [+139, -0] One of the kids works in a professional field. 2. [+116, -0] They're poor but their outfits change all the time. 3. [+100, -0] Daughter of a poor family falls in love with a son of a rich family ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 4. [+66, -0] They're poor but they have a lot of side dishes. When they're finished eating, they bring fruits for dessert and have a chat. The morning is a busy time but they take time to eat and talk. 5. [+45, -0] One of their kids turns out to be a non-legitimate child. 6. [+36, -0] Kim Goeun in Goblin wore several wool coats, too ㅋㅋ 7. [+34, -0] The kids have separate rooms. 8. [+27, -0] They eat together everyday and have a load of side dishes. 9. [+25, -0] They're poor but they go to a snack cart everyday. 10. [+22, -0] Why do the dramas portray that as poor? Th