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EXO's composer vents frustration over requests to make EXO-like songs giowacore kpop

Some songs written by the composer MZMC: - Pann : EXO's composer targets other companies 1. [+486, -53] It's true that there's been more universe concepts and storytelling since EXO ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Other companies are really defensive against EXO, avoiding to overlap comebacks with EXO and all. 2. [+410, -30] A lot of groups debuted to compete against EXO... A company's CEO even said he was debuting his group to face EXO in his interview. 3. [+374, -19] I also saw him mentioning this on live. Since Tempo, other companies asked him to compose a song like Tempo. 4. [+195, -5] What's the project that was planned since 2006? EXO! Who's the singer that paid a huge amount of money to NASA and got a photo for their fandom site? EXO! Who's the group that makes you obsessed with the space because they have comebacks on eclipse days? EXO! Who's the idol that the space is helping? EXO! 5. [+166, -1] If he's saying bluntly like that, it means so many companies must've

Fans on Pann comment on EXO Chen's pregnancy & marriage news giowacore kpop

Pann : EXO Chen is getting married because of premarital pregnancy 1. [+954, -36] Premarital pregnancy when he didn't even enlist yet ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if he wasn't an idol, it's such an irresponsible action. 2. [+881, -9] So funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ "He debuted with Mama and is retiring as Papa" 3. [+737, -80] What about EXO's image? Chen, you should leave the group if you have any shame. Are you going to turn EXO into a married group like SuJu? 4. [+727, -4] Honestly, this is 1000 times more shocking than Momo & Heechul. 5. [+602, -5] EXO Chen on 'Return of the Superman' Caption: From a national singer 'EXO' to a father of a child! (Growl plays) Narration: Today, EXO uncles will be visiting Jjongjjong! Chen daddy is busy preparing since the morning! Chen: Jjongjjong-ah, the uncles will be coming today~ You know the uncles? Jjongjjong: Yes! Let's buy snacks for the uncles! Chen: Jjongjjong will buy snacks for the uncles? Chanyeol: Jjongjjong!! Jjongjjong:

Sajaegi scandal on Pann: Boramiyu, Cube CEO, EXO, Ben, etc giowacore kpop

Melon chart 1) Boramiyu 2) Taeyeon 3) Noeul 4) Vibe 5) HYNN - Pann : A rookie artist who beat Taeyeon 1. [+516, -4] Seriously, "Who Are You?" 2. [+334, -14] Ugh... So annoying how she's targeting Taeyeon. 3. [+305, -3] Machine? 4. [+201, -0] It's not just Taeyeon's new song, she's beating Taeyeon and Frozen ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+166, -0] Why the hell would people listen to Boramiyu instead of Frozen+Taeyeon in this season ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+99, -3] When I listened to Boramiyu's I Wanna Hate You, she wasn't famous and I wished she'd become popular in the future. I'm not happy to see that she's ending up doing sajaegi. "Digital sajaegi must be rooted out. Cheering for you. Find strength." - Pann : Cube CEO is also supporting Park Kyung 1. [+262, -1] At this rate, isn't it obvious that everybody is saying those artists did sajaegi? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It must be true since everybody is targeting them. 2. [+223, -7] As someone who stanned B2ST and 4Minute, Cube can

EXO gets invited to the cocktail reception to greet the Trumps giowacore kpop

Article : "My kids are a fan" Ivanka meets EXO and gets a signed album Source: Newsis via Naver 1. [+441, -39] As expected of the national pick, EXO. 2. [+305, -8] Lucky. My mom's daughter is also a fan of EXO... 3. [+143, -11] It's daebak that Trump's daughter is an EXO fan. 4. [+96, -7] Of course the national pick EXO! 5. [+62, -2] EXO fan? Interesting. 6. [+40, -5] Can't you guys read? EXO was invited because Trump's daughter Ivanka is a fan of them. 7. [+27, -4] The Blue House says EXO was invited to the reception because Trump's family is a fan of EXO. It's nice that they did well with the details of the reception. I think inviting Park Seri player and EXO was a good choice, too. I hope the reception was meaningful for every one of them. 8. [+20, -2] EXO is so amazing.