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Hyuna's gifts for her fans giowacore kpop

"I missed you a lot. I'll work hard. See you often <3" - Pann : Wow, did you see Hyuna's gifts for her fans? 1. [+153, -3] Those who say the gifts are sponsored - if they're sample products, you could say they're sponsored but the gifts are full products. She paid her own money for it. A singer is thinking for her fans, why are you ignoring her effort? I saw a lot of offensive comments with Sunmi and Yubin as well. Idols like Suzy and Hyuna have been with their fans for a long time and their bond is stronger, that's why they give expensive gifts to their fans like that. She said she was sorry that this was all she could do for the fans who were cheering for her for a long time with their own money. Can't you just see this positively? 2. [+90, -0] When she pays back to her fans, she does it right. 3. [+88, -0] Is this possible? It looks like a few hundred dollars. 4. [+60, -0] It's not just a couple of products. If it's that much, she paid he