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Ranking of K-pop streaming on Spotify giowacore kpop

 (Long time no see, I took a long COVID break for myself!) Pann : Ranking of K-pop streaming worldwide on Spotify 1. [+107, -4] Look at the gap between... BTS really is a wall 2. [+88, -2] BTS' Spotify streaming is #19 in history. #1 is Drake and and other artists in top 20 are really popular ones like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and Eminem. Seeing how BTS is on the ranking as a non-English artist, they're just another level. 3. [+65, -2] BTS is another level. 4. [+30, -0] It's pathetic how some people claim BTS doesn't have a mega hit song. 5. [+20, -1] BTS' Spotify streaming is 623M and the rest of K-pop streaming is 684.18M. BTS and K-pop are separated.

Idol concerts that were planned for this year giowacore kpop

Super M - Tokyo Dome Around 50,000 audience NCT 127 - North American tour New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Hose, LA, Seattle Around 60,000 Twice - Tour final + Tokyo Dome Seoul KSPO Dome, Tokyo Dome Around 120,000 GOT7 - First Stadium concert Bangkok Around 110,000 Seventeen - First Japanese Dome tour Tokyo Dome, Fukuoka, Saitama, Osaka Around 350,000 BTS - Stadium tour Seoul, Santa Clara, LA, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington, Toronto, Chicago, London, Rotterdam, Berlin, Barcelona Around 1,300,000 - Pann : Idol concerts that were planned for this year 1. [+174, -9] I was so happy to get a ticket to a BTS concert. I was anxious when covid-19 broke out and then it got cancelled. What the... 2. [+159, -11] F*ck, I thought everything about BTS' concert including the equipment was legendary. That godd*mn corona... 3. [+110, -8] Seventeen's Europe tour, too... 4. [+51, -3] BTS 1.3M? Wow, stadium tour is a different class... 5. [+36, -6] BTS' 4th Jamshil concert was

New fanclub logos that SM registered giowacore kpop

BoA - Jumping BoA TVXQ - Cassiopeia Super Junior - ELF Girls' Generation - Sone SHINee - SHINee World EXO - EXO-L Red Velvet - ReVeLuv NCT - NCTzen NCT - NCTzen 127 NCT - NCTzen Dream WayV - WayZenNi = Pann : New fanclub logos that SM registered 1. [+369, -1] Am I the only one who's sad that F(x) isn't there? ㅠㅠ 2. [+194, -0] They look like soccer leagues... 3. [+158, -0] They look like they'd be on school uniforms. 4. [+52, -2] Where's the effort for EXO-L's logo... SM, ugh... 5. [+51, -0] What about F(x), you f*cking SM ㅜㅜ 6. [+46, -4] Red Velvet's one is so pretty. SM, please stop with the gray... 7. [+41, -1] Can NCT Dream just recruit their fanclub instead? They never do anything right. 8. [+36, -0] SM needs to get rid of Graysons. They gave us the sh*ttiest one.

Blind item of a girl group member who had to take her boyfriend with her giowacore kpop

Article : Girl group fool F, staying up all night by making love with her boyfriend she likes so much... Source: Newsen via Naver These days, a girl group member F is staying up all night by making love. After many attempts, she succeeded in taking her boyfriend to an international event in the beginning of the year. But on the day of departure, her dumb boyfriend forgot to bring his passport. F kept insisting that she was getting on the plane only if she was going with her boyfriend, causing trouble to her agency. They had to change her flight 13 times, which costed 10 times more than the original cost of $500. Besides, she was late and missed the rehearsal. While the other members were rehearsing, F posted a bunch of exotic pictures on her social media and acted like a 'fool', upsetting the hosts of the event. Because of F, her group was deemed to have 'violated the terms' and did not get full payment of the event. - Pann : Blind item of a female idol and her boyfrien

EXO's composer vents frustration over requests to make EXO-like songs giowacore kpop

Some songs written by the composer MZMC: - Pann : EXO's composer targets other companies 1. [+486, -53] It's true that there's been more universe concepts and storytelling since EXO ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Other companies are really defensive against EXO, avoiding to overlap comebacks with EXO and all. 2. [+410, -30] A lot of groups debuted to compete against EXO... A company's CEO even said he was debuting his group to face EXO in his interview. 3. [+374, -19] I also saw him mentioning this on live. Since Tempo, other companies asked him to compose a song like Tempo. 4. [+195, -5] What's the project that was planned since 2006? EXO! Who's the singer that paid a huge amount of money to NASA and got a photo for their fandom site? EXO! Who's the group that makes you obsessed with the space because they have comebacks on eclipse days? EXO! Who's the idol that the space is helping? EXO! 5. [+166, -1] If he's saying bluntly like that, it means so many companies must've

Many of 2nd generation idols discharged from military this year giowacore kpop

Discharged this year: BTOB - Eunkwang, Changsub, Minhyuk Infinite - Sungyeol, Dongwoo Highlight - Doojoon, Dongwoon SHINee - Onew, Key, and Minho EXO - Xiumin 2PM, Bigbang, CNBLUE - Article : BTOB -> SHINee -> EXO rush of discharge, oppars are coming back Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate 1. [+145, -20] Congrats on your discharge Eunkwang <3 2. [+130, -13] Excited for Doojoon ㅠㅠㅠ 3. [+95, -4] Let's take out CNBLUE. 4. [+23, -4] I hope to see Doojoon in dramas and variety shows. He seems all-rounded ㅋㅋ 5. [+18, -11] So who's the idol who was on the news for special treatment, using his phone, smoking, and speaking rudely to his seniors? Seems like everybody knows who it is but his agency is deleting the articles. 6. [+17, -4] Doojoon-ssi, my kid was waiting for you. Please promote a lot ^^ 7. [+16, -2] I miss you SHINee. 8. [+15, -7] March 26, happy birthday Xiumin~

SF9 Rowoon becomes Gongcha model giowacore kpop

Pann : Gongcha reveals its new model (Rowoon will be the model for 6 months from April 14) 1. [+183, -5] Lee Seunggi and then Rowoon. I can see what type of model Gongcha is going for ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+116, -2] I can see Gongcha's type. It's totally my type, too. 3. [+61, -2] Oh, he suits it. 4. [+37, -1] Oh my, Rowoon-ah, you did it. SF9 will get popular, we're finally a 3rd tier now. Rowoon-ah, we made it. You're the light, my Sukwoo~ You finally did it ㅠㅠ What is this, model for Chic Choc and Gongcha? Aigo Rowoon-ah, you did it. 5. [+26, -1] This is your Gongcha model Kim Sukwoo! 6. [+24, -1] So happy to see that SF9 is starting to get recognized. 7. [+19, -0] Lee Jong Suk, Park Seo Joon, Lee Seunggi, Rowoon... Gongcha must like tall, fresh-looking guys. 8. [+17, -1] My Sukwoo... He looks like black milk tea but the way he act is Oreo smoothy milk foam, so much aegyo.

Twice members pressuring fans to stream their music? giowacore kpop

Jungyeon: "Did you guys stream or not?!" "They said there are 55K viewers so there should be 55K streams..." (Twice members instructing how to stream silently) (Also instructing timing, downloading, and playlists for streaming) - Pann : What do you think about pressuring fans to stream like Twice is doing? 1. [+422, -33] I think I'll stop liking them. 2. [+313, -23] Do they not trust fans with streaming? I wish they'd just leave it to the fans. 3. [+298, -27] So unlikeable. 4. [+150, -3] I can understand if they do it a few times but I don't like how intentional they are with it. 5. [+139, -1] I don't like how they say it's OK to mute it. The point of music is to listen to it but they just seem like they want to chart higher. 6. [+97, -6] If they were my bias, I'd leave the fandom. 7. [+81, -0] If their songs are good in the first place, they would chart high even without fans streaming. 8. [+73, -1] Instead of pressuring fans to do it, why d

BTS is the only active group from 2013? giowacore kpop

Pann : BTS is the only active idol group debuted in 2013 1. [+98, -1] I think "surviving" is an accurate word for the entertainment industry. When BTS debuted, their article titles had "survive" in them and the comments were all teasing them. But they did survive. Not just survive, they killed it... 2. [+97, -0] It's interesting that so many idol groups debuted in 2013 and only one group survived and managed to become the top group. I expected there to be a lot of active groups from 2013 but BTS really is the only one. 3. [+96, -2] Boys' Republic and BTS debuted together but only BTS did well ㅠㅠ I used to confuse both so much... I wonder how the other group is doing. 4. [+44, -0] It's scary and sad. Imagine finding that all the fellow singers have disappeared. Experiencing the industry getting filled with new faces must be such a lonely, tough job ㅠㅠ 5. [+31, -0] BTS survived so stubbornly. They're amazing. The people who reached the top in their fie

Did 'Produce 101' ruin the idol scene? giowacore kpop

Pann : Negative influence Produce 101 has put on the music industry 1. [+150, -1] The atmosphere of the fans changed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It became messy. 2. [+102, -0] Since Produce 101, the fandoms became systemized. There are so many things to do now. It used to be just streaming digitals but now we have to watch Youtube music videos, Naver TV videos, and stream/download songs like a war. The voting, too... It's because the akgaes are so much worse now so the competition is worse. 3. [+92, -10] Agreed. I don't even know why they did the show. 4. [+54, -0] Since the boy version of Produce 101, it was a slow season for boy groups so the boy groups that debuted in the second half of 2016 all flopped. SF9, Victon, Pentagon... But Pentagon climbed back on the chart with Shine and SF9 is rising with Extraordinary You. Victon was a recognized rookie group but they were forgotten by Produce 101 and then ironically got recognized by Produce 101. I hope the 2016 groups do well. 5. [+53, -0] It's

What's your ideal number of members for idol groups? giowacore kpop

Pann : What's your ideal number of members for idol groups? 1. [+236, -6] If there's more than 10 members, it stops me from entering the fandom. 2. [+202, -7] For all-fans, 5 is nice. It's not too little or too much. 3. [+186, -10] 7 for me. The formation is pretty and there's good chemistry between the members. 4. [+62, -2] 5 for me. The part division is nice and the stage formation is pretty, too. 5. [+57, -1] I stan a 5-member group and it's perfect. But if there's a member missing, the choreography looks really empty. I think that's the con. 6. [+51, -1] 6 for me. I like even numbers and I like how they can divide into pairs of 2 for games and reality shows. 7. [+27, -1] 5. I used to wonder how people could stan huge groups but now I'm an all-fan of one ㅋㅋ Let me cry as a NCTzen. 8. [+24, -0] I'm an Ujung and I really like 13 members. My bias takes a big part in the group but the stage formation is so pretty and the choreography looks amazing. Th

116 idols (24 groups) surveyed on best visuals & best bodies giowacore kpop

Article : [Idol Survey] Cha Eunwoo & Yoona, #1 visuals chosen by idols... Kai & Seolhyun are #1 hot bodies Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate Best visual male 1) Astro Cha Eunwoo +28 2) BTS V +18 3) Seventeen Seungkwan +11 4) GOT7 Jinyoung, NCT Jaehyun +5 5) Golden Child Bomin, TXT Sobin +3 Best visual female 1) SNSD Yoona +7 2) Twice Tzuyu, Red Velvet Irene +6 3) G-IDLE Miyeon +5 4) Suzy, "Twice", Itzy Yeji +4 5) SNSD Taeyeon, IZONE Minjoo, etc. +2 Hot body male 1) EXO Kai +35 2) Monsta X Shownu +19 3) Seventeen Woozi +11 4) Astro Moonbin +9 5) BTS Jungkook +7 6) NU'EST Baekho +6 Hot body female 1) AOA Seolhyun +14 2) G-IDLE Soojin +12 3) Hyuna +8 4) Sunmi, Weki Meki Doyeon +5 5) Itzy Yuna +4 6) Red Velvet Seulgi, "Twice", Twice Momo +3 - 1. [+872, -125] #3 is Seungkwan? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Who are the 11 trolls? 2. [+259, -80] Agree that Kai has a hot body. Not anybody can pull of a crop shirt... Kai can. 3. [+245, -32] Look at these comments acting jealous because their

SF9 Rowoon before getting plastic surgery? giowacore kpop

Pann : Hul, is this really SF9 Rowoon? 1. [+211, -33] Rowoon's plastic surgery turned out really well. I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I'm just envious. He turned his life around by getting his eyes and nose done... His before face is fine but he wasn't that handsome. 2. [+158, -11] If the aftermath is like this, plastic surgery is so worth it. 3. [+155, -25] It's a little turn-off. I thought he was originally handsome but I can't even recognize him. I don't like it when someone gets plastic surgery to the point of being unrecognizable. 4. [+96, -34] Who the heck is Rowoon? 5. [+83, -7] Do you really think he only got his eyes done? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+75, -90] He only got his eyes done. I think his braces did wonders. After wearing braces, his jaw got into a better shape and his short chin grew a bit, so he became more manly-looking. Besides, the second photo is a terrible screenshot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's blinking in the photo. He was a teenager in the photos so he still ha

Fans on Pann comment on EXO Chen's pregnancy & marriage news giowacore kpop

Pann : EXO Chen is getting married because of premarital pregnancy 1. [+954, -36] Premarital pregnancy when he didn't even enlist yet ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if he wasn't an idol, it's such an irresponsible action. 2. [+881, -9] So funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ "He debuted with Mama and is retiring as Papa" 3. [+737, -80] What about EXO's image? Chen, you should leave the group if you have any shame. Are you going to turn EXO into a married group like SuJu? 4. [+727, -4] Honestly, this is 1000 times more shocking than Momo & Heechul. 5. [+602, -5] EXO Chen on 'Return of the Superman' Caption: From a national singer 'EXO' to a father of a child! (Growl plays) Narration: Today, EXO uncles will be visiting Jjongjjong! Chen daddy is busy preparing since the morning! Chen: Jjongjjong-ah, the uncles will be coming today~ You know the uncles? Jjongjjong: Yes! Let's buy snacks for the uncles! Chen: Jjongjjong will buy snacks for the uncles? Chanyeol: Jjongjjong!! Jjongjjong: