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JYP's controversy of power abuse in 2013 giowacore kpop

JYP hired subcontractors to produce and sell character goods. JYP expected them to sell well so they asked the subcontractors to produce a lot. About 5000 goods were produced. However, the amount that was actually sold was only around 140. JYP then said they'll only pay for the 140 goods (about $4,600), making the subcontractors pay for the production fee (about $100,000) and the rest of the unsold goods. The little money that JYP offered wasn't even paid properly. The subcontractors tried to sell the unsold goods at a clearance price, but JYP banned them for copyright issues. When it became controversial, JYP clarified that they weren't aware of the loss of the subcontractors because they consigned the business to a management company. The management company turned out to be owned by Park Jin Young's in-laws. - Pann : JYP's power abuse on subcontractors that was buried 1. [+163, -11] This was the fault of JYP's worker. The worker was fired and JYP compensated t

Revenues & profits of the big 3 this year giowacore kpop

* The currency is won Pann : Business profits of the big 3 1. [+153, -34] YG has been out of the big 3 since a while ago. It's been confirmed since January. Now the big 3 is Big Hit, JYP, and SM. 2. [+149, -1] SM should focus on entertainment instead of useless businesses. 3. [+82, -5] Look at drugstore roaches being upset over their agency going into a deficit. 4. [+74, -7] The experts also agree that YG is out of the big 3. Their image aside, their profits aren't any better than an average small agency. Big Hit is surpassing the results of big 3 so the word "big 3" is also pointless. It's just Big Hit as the top. 5. [+61, -58] SM wouldn't suffer a deficit if they give up on NCT. 6. [+36, -5] SM does so many businesses and suffers a deficit from that. Once EXO has a comeback in the second half of the year, they'll make profits right away. It was the same situation last year. 7. [+35, -4] I heard that Lee Soo Man is pocketing the money, though. 8. [+32, -1