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Projects chosen by Joo Won himself vs. Joo Won's agency giowacore kpop

Projects chosen by Joo Won (his agency strongly opposed them all): Good Doctor Bridal Mask Ojakgyo Family - Projects chosen by his agency: Steal My Heart Naeil's Cantabile Fashion King - Pann : Projects chosen by Joo Won vs. Joo Won's agency 1. [+197, -1] Is his agency his anti? 2. [+162, -3] I can see the type of genre that his agency wants to go for... But it seems like the actor has better eyes. He should choose his own projects. 3. [+114, -0] Agency-nim, please don't block the future for Joo Won... 4. [+48, -0] Oh, he has really good eyes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I haven't even heard of Steal My Heart. 5. [+47, -0] Bridal Mask is amazing. Other actors rejected it because of hallyu but he chose to do it. Thumbs up!! 6. [+37, -0] Projects chosen by Joo Won: Oh, ooh, ohhh!! Projects chosen by agency: What? Ah. Hul. 7. [+34, -2] Joo Won is amazing. People call him a cover for Lee Seunggi on 1N2D but this Lee Seunggi jerk is a liar. When Kang Ho Dong's scandal broke out, KBS planned to