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Yuna Kim with American style makeup giowacore kpop

Pann : Kim Yuna with American style makeup 1. [+501, -2] She looks like an Asian student who's good at math in American dramas... That's too much. 2. [+463, -6] She looks just like Park Jung Hyun. 3. [+297, -11] Stereotypical Asian. I heard that gyopos and Korean-Americans wear that kind of gyopo makeup on purpose because they don't want to look Korean. Is this true? It looks so 90's to me. 4. [+206, -2] That's not the image we have for Asian women but in the West, they always seem to push that image. 5. [+103, -2] She looks the prettiest with Korean makeup. 6. [+79, -1] That's such a stereotypical makeup. Making eyes and lips look small and making cheekbones stand out. 7. [+68, -2] Maybe it's because Americans like to look fierce, but their makeup is too much for delicate Asian features ㅋㅋ 8. [+62, -0] I expected this kind of makeup.