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Song Joongki's interview on his married life a month ago & more comments giowacore kpop

His interview a month ago at the press conference of Arthdal Chronicles "[From my marriage], my mind became very comfortable. I think that's the biggest difference. I think all married people feel the same way. My wife is also a fan of the two writers and the director. She cheered me up for this drama." - Pann : Song Joongki's interview 1. [+243, -3] He looks soulless as he's saying that. He must've decided to file a divorce already. 2. [+196, -6] They've been living separately for 8 months, though? Even without the news of their separation, we see that they haven't been wearing their wedding rings and Song Hye Kyo had requested her agency for more Chinese promotions and overseas promotions... I'm sure he said that at the press conference for the sake of formality. 3. [+145, -2] Arthdal Chronicles isn't just some typical drama. It's a huge work that costed 5.5B won. Do you expect him to say "my marriage life is sh*t and I will divorce