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Netizens mourn Sulli's death on Pann giowacore kpop

Pann : Sulli-ya, thank you for the 26 years. Love you. 1. [+405, -6] The world was too dirty for you, right? Rest In Peace. Goodbye my role model Sulli. 2. [+214, -6] I was a fan since Pinocchio... Ever since I read the articles, I can only cry and not think of anything else. I'm so sorry... I hope she rests in a place with no public, journalists, and comments that bullied her. I hope she never steps into the entertainment industry in her next life... I hope she gets to enjoy her life to the fullest. 3. [+136, -4] Please tell me this is false news. Related searches of 'Sulli': Sulli deleted photo, Sulli exposure, Sulli live, Sulli Instagram, Sulli Choiza, Seolhyun, Choiza, Sulli live exposure, f(x) - Pann : How the public views Sulli 1. [+706, -45] What do you mean it's women who hated her? These shameless a$$holes, why don't you go back and read the sexual harassments you wrote on her articles? Look at the related search terms. It's your cheap comments that kil