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'PUBG Nations Cup' held in Seoul + Sung Hoon attends the event giowacore kpop

Article : [PUBG Nations Cup] Korea ranks #1 despite 'no chicken'... Green light to winning Source: E Daily via Naver 1. [+125, -15] I have no idea what this article is about. 2. [+50, -12] If you don't know the context, just don't read the article. If you read it but don't get it, you can search up. That's what the Internet is for. 3. [+17, -7] Chicken? Which brand? 4. [+12, -2] I don't play PUBG at all. Can someone explain what 'no chicken' means? I read the full article but I don't get it. 5. [+10, -0] I don't play any games. Which country made PUBG? Article : Sung Hoon, 'frying pan that doesn't lose to luxury purses' Source: My Daily via Nate 1. [+812, -38] He looks fine in other pictures but his proportions look weird in this one. 2. [+617, -54] What's with his proportions ㅋㅋ His upper body is so long. 3. [+368, -69] Short legs... 4. [+49, -24] Can you park properly first? 5. [+41, -1] His upper body looks 180cm but his lo

Sung Hoon's reps apologize for illegal parking, Pann OP refutes the agency's claims giowacore kpop

Article : Sung Hoon, controversial for illegal parking... Manager & agency, "We will change the car, we're sincerely sorry" [official statement] Source: My Daily via Nate 1. [+4646, -85] There was no contact info on the van. His agency didn't even pick up the phone. They would've never apologized if the Pann post didn't go viral. 2. [+4292, -93] Does he think being a celebrity makes him superior? If the van takes too much space, they could've found a space that fits the van and walk up to the spot. Why do they have to pick him up right in front of the apartment? It'll only be a few steps. Please be careful. Nothing frustrates the drivers more than illegally-parked cars. 3. [+3271, -71] They apologize right after the OP's post? 4. [+418, -9] Why does everyone who Live Alone seem to be troublesome ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+413, -7] I read the Pann post and the van wasn't temporarily parked. The residents were filing complaints because the van was there all