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Insider says Won Bin's long hiatus is due to him choosing a project carefully giowacore kpop

Insider from film industry: "Unlike what the public thinks, it's not like Won Bin is refusing to make a comeback. He's actively taking scenarios to choose a new project. But he's very careful to choose one so he doesn't sign easily." In 2016, he was reported to come back with a new movie. He had suggested a film director to buy the publication rights of a British movie 'Still Life' and even participated in the planning. But when the scenario of Korean 'Still Life' was completed, Won Bin rejected it and its production was put on a pause. They're still revising the scenario but it's undecided whether Won Bin will take it or not. Currently, Won Bin is looking for a new project other than 'Still Life'. Lee Na Young: "Like Me, Won Bin seems to want to communicate with a project. He's interested in humanism. Because he's looking for scenarios in that particular genre, there aren't many options. But the options are get