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Ex-member of Fiestar talks about having no income giowacore kpop

Q: Did you have an income? A: Our income was 0. Our company prepared very high-quality outfits and props, but we didn't get good results. Our company was very good, though. They always gave us some allowance. We didn't have an income but the promotions of Fiestar were very valuable experiences. We didn't become very famous but a lot of people still remember Fiestar. I think that's the reward of our long hard-work. And it's not like we disbanded in a bad way so us members cheer for each other. I hope every one of us does well and becomes happy. - Pann : Ex-member of Fiestar reveals her income 1. [+168, -1] The three groups that I feel bad for are Spica, Fiestar, and Ladies' Code. The three groups don't lack talent or anything. Their live stage is amazing but their results are such a pity. Fiestar reminds me of EXID's old days. 2. [+125, -0] Yezi became popular on Unpretty Rapstar so I thought Fiestar would rise. It's a pity. You're Pitiful is a