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Controversial prices of Gong Hyo Jin's hand-made products giowacore kpop

$22 $89 $220 $210 $348 (She upcycles various products like phone cases) - Pann : Hand-made rings by Gong Hyo Jin that are controversial for its prices 1. [+296, -6] The prices aside, do you really find them pretty? 2. [+289, -4] You can buy rings like that for 50 cents in corner stores. 3. [+276, -5] Gong Hyo Jin sells things like this? She does random things... I guess she does because people still buy them? 4. [+118, -1] She's still stuck in the time where she was praised as a fashionista. 5. [+110, -2] The phone cases look messy. Celebrities are lucky, they can sell things when they're not even talented. 6. [+97, -0] The prices aside, who would buy that? I used to find Gong Hyo Jin likeable but she's shameless. 7. [+88, -1] Maybe Gong Hyo Jin is too rich and doesn't know the actual prices of things... To her, a golden ring would cost nothing. She must've thought her prices were reasonable. 8. [+86, -1] Someone commented on Instagram that it was too expensive. Gon