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NCT Dream Jaemin says he drinks Americano with 8 shots giowacore kpop

Article : 'Idol Room' NCT Dream Jaemin reveals his surprising eating habits, "I drink Americano with 8 shots" Source: TV Daily via Nate Jaemin: "There no middle when it comes to eating. When I eat ramen, I put a bunch of cilantro. When I eat sweet potato wedges, I literally pour sugar on it. Drinking Americano with 8 shots wakes me up completely. This is just enough. I drink bubble tea with 100% of sweetness" Jeno: "Jaemin puts sugar cubes beside his bed and eats them like a snack." - 1. [+242, -2] He doesn't realize what he's doing because he's young... 2. [+170, -2] That's too much. Doing enough is good for everything. 3. [+115, -0] It'll damage his body as he ages... He should be careful. 4. [+14, -0] That's like drinking espresso in a huge cup, hul. 5. [+14, -0] He's young now but he'll feel it as he ages. And then he'll regret it. 6. [+13, -0] Normally, iced Americano has 2 shots. Even 3~4 shots are strong.