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Seventeen's episode on 'Knowing Brothers' gets the lowest ratings this year giowacore kpop

Seventeen's episode got 3% ratings, which is the first time in a year - Pann : Ratings of yesterday's Knowing Brothers which was said to be legendarily boring 1. [+320, -6] It's random but is Yoo Jae Suk ever going to guest on Knowing Brothers? The ratings are gonna be no joke. 2. [+295, -11] The program members aren't as hyper when they don't know the guests well. People might know Seventeen as a group but not the individual members. 3. [+237, -52] I'm sure a lot of people didn't watch it because Seventeen is the guest. 4. [+186, -7] It's not just the boring part that made the ratings hit low. A lot of people skipped the episode because it's a boy group. Besides, it's the boy group with the biggest number of members so far on the show. Do you think people would look forward to that? Those who have never seen Seventeen must've found it too chaotic. Yesterday's episode wasn't enough to pull out each member's charm, either. 5. [+155