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Korea might consider to start school in September due to COVID19 giowacore kpop

Korea, Japan, and Australia are the only OECD countries that start a new school year in March. Korea's system is from the Japanese imperialism. - Source : Kim Gi Sik, "If starting school keeps getting delayed, we should consider implementing new school year in September" Source: KBS via Naver 1. [+275, -9] It's time for our country's education system to get away from the Japanese imperialism. I think starting school in September is a good idea. 2. [+105, -4] Sounds like a good idea. It's not right to start school before the vaccine is there. I agree with starting school in September. 3. [+98, -0] Rather than deciding whether to begin school in May or not, they should make the decision as soon as possible so that parents, students, education board, and the government can have enough time to prepare for it. 4. [+59, -1] I agree with starting school in September. 5. [+43, -1] September sounds like a good idea! If opening school gets delayed once again, it might a

National changes to be made in Korea in 2020 giowacore kpop

1) ID - The taeguk mark changes its colors depending on the angle - The name and social security number will be bulging out - The information will be printed by laser - The picture & date of birth on the bottom will appear depending on the angle 2) Passport - Will be changed to blue from green (first time in 32 years) - One more alphabet will be added to the passport number - Laser-printed content & picture - Deletion of social security number 3) Mobile driver's license - It can be used just as equally as a regular driver's license 4) Increase of minimum wage - From 8,350 won to 8,590 won (around $8) - 2.9% increase from 2019 5) Korean history exams - 4 exam attempts in 2019, 5 attempts in 2020, and 6 attempts in 2021 - It's divided by advanced/middle/intermediate, but it will be simplified to intensified/basic 6) Ban of drinking ads - On TV programs, movies, and games that are rated for minors, drinking ads will be banned. Sounds like "kya" will be banned

What are some Korean things that are popular overseas? giowacore kpop

Pann : What are some Korean things that are popular overseas? 1. [+90, -0] Samsung 2. [+72, -1] This ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They call it ldH ㅋㅋ 3. [+55, -3] Food delivery service, safety, and buldak bokkeummyun? Also that we're a divided country. 4. [+49, -0] Neoguri ramen. They flip it and read it as RtA ㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+30, -0] Mukbang 6. [+24, -0] Sonny! I'm talking about Son Heung Min. 7. [+23, -0] Mukbang. Mukbang started in Korea so the foreign Youtubers who do mukbang write 'mukbang' in their titles. 8. [+22, -0] Instant coffee. Korea was the first to develop it and ours also tastes the best. A lot of tourists in Korea buy it as gifts for their friends. 9. [+21, -4] Seriously, people think Samsung is Japanese... 10. [+19, -1] Homi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 11. [+19, -0] Music shows are so popular. Masked Singer is sold a lot. 12. [+18, -0] Buldak. Foreign Youtubers' must item to test Korean love. 13. [+16, -4] Oreo O's - [+10, -0] This is originally American. It stopped being sold in the US and Dongs

Complex Korean age system giowacore kpop

Age of Kim Eun Song who was born in January, 1991 Social age: 30 - She went to school with those born in 1990 because early birthdays (January~March) enter school a year earlier Korean age: 29 - 1-year-old as soon as you're born, you age every new year Yearly age: 28 - Year she was born~current year Legal (international) age: 27 (assuming that her birthday hasn't passed yet this year) - Born with the age of 0, you age on your birthday - Pann : Something that only exists in Korea in the world 1. [+126, -2] Let's use the legal age. I want to be younger... 2. [+126, -2] I thought they were changing the age system this year? Why are they so quiet? 3. [+94, -3] Why is our country the only one doing this? I don't get it. 4. [+62, -0] Our country is the only one where a baby born on December 31 will be two-years-old in just two days. So stupid. 5. [+35, -0] If we were to use the legal age, we have to get rid of the titles of hyung/noona/unnie/oppa, we have to call them by (nam