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Wikitree updates on Taeyong's homophobic comment & body shaming giowacore kpop

Summary of the Wikitree article: 1) Taeyong's homophobic comment on graduation album was indeed written by him. However, the student said, "I was a close friend of Taeyong's . The comment didn't offend me at all." 2) As soon as Taeyong finished his US promotions, he came to Korea and met up with a victim of body shaming. The victim started crying and it took an hour for them to start talking. Taeyong first began by apologizing to the victim. They talked for 2 hours and the victim forgave him eventually. - Pann : NCT Taeyong apologized 1. [+228, -60] So the person who publicized the homophobic comment wasn't the actual student ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought it was the student who publicized it. It turns out that the student is actually a close friend and it was a third person who made it a big deal ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+214, -63] A lot of non-fans will misunderstand when reading this article. It makes it seem like Lee Taeyong is the one who started all the bullying. Since this article i

NCT Taeyong insulted a gay student in graduation album? giowacore kpop

"I had fun times with everyone and everyone had a good personality. I believe you'll all succeed but (student's name) won't because he's gay. I guarantee it." - Lee Tae Yong - Pann : NCT Taeyong insults homosexuals 1. [+220, -13] "Everybody will succeed but you never will because you're gay"? Is he crazy? Super M is to advance into the US so I'm sure the US is sensitive about things like this. His character... 2. [+183, -5] The victim of body shaming by Taeyong is also trying to get an apology but SM is ignoring her. 3. [+163, -8] He sexually harassed 2NE1, too. Someone said they liked 2NE1's video and Taeyong replied and said they must like porn. 4. [+95, -1] He wrote this on a graduation album where everybody can see. The person who publicized this is a sexual minority. Even if the student wasn't actually gay, Taeyong is still punishable for defamation of character. Taeyong is a criminal. 5. [+90, -0] "You'll never succeed