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'Queendom' PD hints a boy group version 'Kingdom(?)' giowacore kpop

Article: 'Queendom' PD, "I'm happy that people view idols differently now... In talks for season 2" (In the article, the PD said the next season will feature boy groups) - Pann : CJ's most issued show 'Queendom' is in talks for season 2 1. [+269, -5] If they actually do Kingdom, the fandom fights will be brutal... Instead of Kingdom, they should do season 2 of Queendom and feature girl groups like April and WJSN. People will watch again. 2. [+205, -3] Please do Queendom 2, not Kingdom. F*ck. 3. [+103, -0] The concerns became the truth... 4. [+51, -1] They should do season 2 of Queendom with "singers in your memories" and feature idols like Secret, Nine Muses, T-ara, and Five Dolls. 5. [+33, -0] They should've done this in the beginning of the third generation of idols. BTOB, VIXX, Block B, and B1A4 all had their unique concepts but EXO got popular with Growl so they all got overshadowed. 6. [+24, -1] I want to see April. I really liked Ap