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'Superstar K' winner Kim Young Geun says some judges didn't give him promised songs giowacore kpop

Q) What was the reason why you rarely promoted after winning 'Superstar K'? A) The prize money $200K was supposed to be used for the 7 judges. I was supposed to release 7 songs given by each judge. Only Brave Brother and FNC gave me songs. I haven't heard anything from the rest. I want to keep working with them. Summary: The prize money of winning 'Superstar K' is $500K. $300K is paid for tax and the rest of $200K money is used for the winner's debut album production. The $200K is paid to the 7 judges and the judges have to give the winner a song, total of 7 songs. The judges were Gummy, Gil, Ailee, Kim Yeon Woo, Kim Bum Soo, Brave Brother, and Han Sung Ho. Only Brave Brother and Han Sung Ho gave the winner songs. - Pann : Whereabouts of the last winner of Superstar K 1. [+265, -0] Does that mean they took $200K for album production but didn't give him songs? Isn't that a scam? 2. [+177, -0] I knew Kim Bum Soo had a bad character but what's with the