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OP complains about getting X1 album for donating blood giowacore kpop

"I came to donate blood and I got an album of a boy group called X1 or something. The nurse must've felt ridiculous to be giving a boy group's album to a guy... Can you f*cking fangirls not dump your garbage here? If you don't have a pot stand, make sure to donate blood and get one." OP: They will give you one no matter what User: You can't say no? OP: She shovelled it into my hands without asking - Pann : Idol goods that you get for donating blood 1. [+150, -1] The fans must've donated their albums after bulk-buying them~ You won't like it unless you're a fan. 2. [+120, -3] The fansite masters buy a bunch of albums and then donate the rest as a way to promote. 3. [+77, -0] Hul, they give out albums. 4. [+60, -2] Are the fans clearing out their stocks? I'd want one. 5. [+55, -5] There was a worker who asked fans to stop donating idol albums and it became controversial. Organizations like that can't reject donations. Idol fans buy a bunch of