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Yeri's rude words to Joy? giowacore kpop

On Inkigayo live, Yeri was asked if she'd go back to Law of the Jungle again. She said there are members that she want to send. "Seulgi unnie went there already. I want to send Wendy unnie to a mountain." "I want to send Irene unnie to a sea." Yeri: "I want to send Joy-ssi to a devastating place where there's no food or anything." Joy: "Do you have something against me?" Yeri: "She needs to suffer a big time. (laughs)" - Pann : Yeri's behavior 1. [+1045, -17] Yeri seems to be the one who suffered the least when you see her singing and dancing... 2. [+921, -17] Why does Yeri call Wendy, Irene, and Seulgi by "unnie" but calls Joy "Joy-ssi"? 3. [+801, -391] No wonder why people support OT4 Velvet... She's a Baekhyun, she acts carelessly. 4. [+677, -6] I've seen people like her. She seems to be the type who classifies other people by equals and non-equals. Acts strong to the weak and acts weak to the